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I’m so glad you’re here!

My purpose for this page is to support you. And to show you there is a way to change your current circumstances and learn new things with ease. Science says so, and I do, too.

That includes your reactions, responses, feelings, blockages, and patterns. They aren’t happening because anything is wrong with you. They are happening because everything is right with you and science shows us that.

Our work is to show these parts (not simply tell them) you are safe to get unstuck.And when that happens, you’ll begin to thrive. You’ll enjoy and navigate both your highs and lows with ease.Come with me through this page so I can show you how all of this is available for you!
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I am Petra and beyond my certificates and studies, I am a human that has been through highs and lows.Oh and the lows challenged me to work even harder on myself, to seek even more support and most important to enjoy even more life.I strongly believe we can find peace in the chaos, strength after the storms and we can learn how to navigate gracefully whatever happens in life.We just need to have the right mindset, access to good tools & techniques and good people around us. 

I am a proud mom of a beautiful girl, having her is motivating me to make my life and our life more beautiful every day.

Happy parents are raising happy children. And happy children are growing into healthy adults that will create a better world for the next generations.

Join me on this beautiful journey!


With care,


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